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31.07.2019  12:54:45

Traceability is all or don't be afraid of the elements 

UML aims to address a surprisingly wide range of software types, from standard information recording and retrieval systems (IS systems), to embedded, real-time and even safety-critical systems. Previously, it had been thought that different methods were required to address different market segments, so this attempt at integration is relatively ambitious.

UML is said to address the modelling of manual, as well as computerised, parts of systems, and to be capable of describing current systems, as well as specifying new systems. UML (unified modeling language) is intended to be an analysis and design language, not a full software development methodology. It specifies notations and diagrams, but makes no suggestions regarding how these should be used in the software development process.

UML Buch 

Nevertheless, we will refer to it as a V method because this is the standard terminology for our CASE tools and consulting service. So we are able to stick together all diagrams in a big picture phase logic with the following traceable examples:

  1. UML all Diagrams 1.4

  2. UML all Diagrams Business Object

  3. UML all Diagrams 2.0

  4. Buch Patterns konkret

  5. VModell/Hermes mit UML konkret

  6. UML & MDA with ECO III

  7. Code Reviews - Audits & Metrics

  8. SOA Zellen in Modellsystemen

  9. Modelview mit Together in Delphi 2007


Vieles spricht für modellbasiertes Vorgehen:
Über ein Diagramm kann man besser debattieren als über tausend Zeilen Code, Lösungen werden klarer und Entwurfsfehler lassen sich früher erkennen.
You will either succeed or become an expert ;)

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